xMessages Adds Timestamps To All Your iPhone's Text Messages

iOS (Jailbroken): One of the major annoyances with the iPhone's default Messages app is that it barely shows any timestamps next to your messages. In previous iOS versions, you could long tap a message in order to see its timestamp, but with iOS 5 that feature is completely gone. If you've jailbroken your phone, now you can use xMessages to get this back.

xMessages adds a timestamp to every single message you send or receive, giving you the ability to easily see how a conversation is flowing and when a message occurred. If you're already using the jailbreak biteSMS app, you can enable timestamps there, but if you're still on the regular Messages app, this is a free way to add missing functionality.

As a bonus, xMessages also lets you put contact photos next to each conversation, which is useful for quickly scanning your list.

xMessages: Add Timestamps & Contacts Photos To All SMS Threads [Cydia] [Addictive Tips]


    ...Or you could just buy an android?

      ...change phones because of SMS timestamps.

      Wow, Android users have more money than sense.

    This alone is almost worth jailbreaking for. Its been pissing me off for over a year.

      Agreed. I have a 4S and with a jailbreak now possible i've been on the fence as to whether I should bother. The lack of time stamps on messages is something that has annoyed me with iOS 5, so if xMessages addresses that than I think I'll go ahead and jailbreak.

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