Woolworths Door Buster Is A Daily Deals Site

Woolworths Door Buster Is A Daily Deals Site

What is it with major retailers launching deal-of-the-day sites? Woolworths is the latest to join the crowd with its Door Buster site, offering one-off deals on electronics and groceries.

The Woolworths connection aside, it’s all pretty typical for a deal-of-the-day model: a “hero” product available for a limited time alongside a selection of other bargains. When I checked the site, the Samsung Q10 camera was on sale for $199, which is a good $70 cheaper than anyone else I could find on a quick search. Right now, the site is offering free shipment for Everyday Reward card holders, a deal which ends on January 17.

Not all the deals appear exclusive to the site; for instance, the refurbed $99 Kindle on offer has also sold via Big W. But it does seem slightly more logical at first glance than, say, Harvey Norman Big Buys (though the glut of watches is a bit odd). As ever, the trick is to double-check pricing and features before buying, rather than feeling pressured by the time limit.

Door Buster [via Oz Bargain]


  • Just had a look now the site is finally working again…. All I can say is “nothing to see here…” everything I looked on there was full bore retail prices. No door busting deals to be had there. Hope it improves. Weird thing is though, they will sell lots because people just see the “door busters!” and flashy lay out and automatically think there are bargains to be had…

  • Tried a couple of simple easy products. No problem with one product which was $1 cheaper per item. However it turned out the Colgate Toothpaste is a parallel product made in South Africa. The products are not the same products being sold on Woolworth shelves. Waiting now 10 days for response from Doorbusters regarding similarity of ingredients. I have concerns now regarding quality. Will not use again.

  • Because of so many deal sites, it gives the essence of “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”. Creativity now is the deal-breaker to these numerous deal websites.

  • I think the site is great & it depends on what items you are after, as to whether or not the site suits your required needs & wants.
    I placed an order 14/07/2012 to be delivered this Monday 16/07/2012; I spent only a small $139.67. A portion of that was GST $11.56 & Shipping & Handling $19.25. Please be advised all items need to be picked & packed + shipped. Not to mention stored, so the amount asked was quite FAIR I thought.
    I compared prices online of all the products via the normal WOOLWORTHS site & was shocked my checkout total was $295.38. So a total saving for buy in bulk from door busters was $169.38.
    If you ask me I would say give it a go there is savings to be had, if you need or will use the product in the future. Can’t wait to get it & investigate the products lol!

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