Windows 8 Will Include A Factory Reset Option

In the past, the only real way to get a Windows machine back to its original out-of-box state has been the tedious process of formatting and reinstalling. Windows 8 promises to make the process much simpler, offering a complete reset option as well as the ability to reinstall Windows while maintaining your data.

Microsoft outlines how the two features will work in a post on its Building Windows 8 blog. If you choose a complete reset, you'll be given the choice of whether you want to "thoroughly" erase data — a slow process — or if you're happy to just perform a basic erase:

This is a handy development, but the option I really like the sound of is refreshing the install while keeping your data and settings. Definitely useful if you've experienced a malware issue or just want to blast out older software. The refresh option will automatically restore newer Metro-style apps (those written specifically for Windows 8), but older apps will need to be reinstalled manually. Hit the post for more details of how it will work when Windows 8 eventually appears (perhaps this year, but nothing is yet set in concrete).

Refresh and reset your PC [Building Windows 8]


    w8 ftw!


    wow... its taken this long for this???.....
    this wouldve come in handy a dozen or so times!

    I really hope the slow reset has a deep erase! Whenever I erase my setup, I like to cover the HDD with 00 in three layers, so that the new install can't possibly read what's under the current layer. Been doing this for years with "Acronis" and haven't had a BSD for ages.

      i prefer to use Thermite to ensure no one reads my old HDDs


      Overkill to say the least


          Why would you bother? Do you really think anyone cares what you get up to? If you do, you need to get over yourself.

            Dude that's bit harsh eh? What happened, someone piss in your soup! From a simple single word, you get something deep and meaningful? Looks like you're the one who needs to get over yourself!

    About time!

    This could be very good and very bad.

    I used work on help desk. For all the ID10T users out there, I hope they hide this, so they will only find it once someone from IT tells them how to find it.

    I also worry about silly people pulling pranks on each other... the restart button was bad effort. Ah, high school days...

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