Wi-Fi PC Sync Simplifies Android Wi-Fi Hookup

Wi-Fi PC Sync Simplifies Android Wi-Fi Hookup

Windows/Android: If you’re travelling with a laptop and an Android phone, chances are you’ll want to connect both to any Wi-Fi networks you use on the road. Wi-Fi PC Sync saves you having to go through the entire log-in process twice.

Wi-Fi PC Sync is composed of two components: a desktop agent that runs in Windows, and an Android app that sits on your smartphone. Once you have the desktop app installed, simply provide your email address and the app will package up your wireless settings and email a link for the Android version of the app and login information to your phone. Once you have the Android app installed, your settings are downloaded and your phone can connect to any network already available on your PC.

The tool is particularly useful if you’ve just flashed a new ROM on your phone and are missing all of your wireless settings, or if you just don’t want to have to type in a long encryption key on more than one system. Both apps are completely free.

Wi-Fi PC Sync [Android App Market via Addictive Tips]


  • What a stupid tool. Is it really easier to:

    1. Installing something on a PC
    2. Use it to email config data to an email account
    3. Install an app on a phone
    4. Import config data from an email attachment into the app

    than just typing in an SSID and passphrase manually? That must be one big long bad ass passphrase if it is…

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