What Possessions Could You Get Rid Of?

What Possessions Could You Get Rid Of?

Chances are you own an item or 20 that you don’t actually need. You may even benefit from parting with that stuff. So in the spirit of decluttering, what possessions do you believe deserve a goodbye?

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Paul Michael, writing for personal finance blog Wise Bread, came up with a list of 25 items he believes you can toss. Here are a few from the list:

  1. Contents of the junk drawer
  2. Clothing and shoes you haven’t worn in the last 12-18 months
  3. Unread books
  4. Expired medicines and Vitamins
  5. (Orphaned) power cords
  6. Spices (they generally only last a couple of years)
  7. Old underwear, socks and bras
  8. Dated technology, including old phones
  9. Perfumes and colognes

What sorts of things do you think you could stand to part with to keep your home a little less cluttered? Let us know in the comments.

25 Things to Throw Out Today [Wise Bread]


    • Some clothes can have a resurgence – so it’s often good to keep expensive jackets, etc. But anything like a t-shirt or other stuff like that should just go!

  • Kitchen appliances/utensils/dinnerware. Practically speaking, I only use about a sixth of what we have in the kitchen, and it frustrates me to have so many single-purpose appliances or never-used utensils taking up space.

    • If I buy kitchen equipment, it is generally on a want list for at least six months before I buy it. I think the only single use item I own is an egg seperator and that’s because I use it all the time and it was less than two dollars and it tiny.

    • Yeh, my purpose built item in the kitchen was the avocado slicer which I nicely cut my fingers on a couple of times before giving to a friend who thought they were really cool. I just keep those things that are essential. Here’s a great utensil drawer trick. Take everything out and put in a cardboard box near the drawer. When you need a utensil, take out of the box, use it, wash it and put back into the empty drawer. Do this for about a month. Then check what’s left in the box. Probably corn cob holders, garlic press, slotted spoon etc. Time to move them on.

    • Hey Ruben, if you can’t bear to get rid of the clothes, at least take them out of the wardrobe and put in a suitcase under the bed or in a garage or somewhere else. It gives you more space, doesn’t remind you that you’re not wearing those clothes and if in 12 months you decide you haven’t missed the clothes – donate. Good luck.

  • If a phone is broken, recycle it. Same goes for electronics you don’t use. I wouldn’t actually throw out anything on this list except expired meds, vitamins and expired spices.
    From what I understand perfume doesn’t expire. If you don’t like the scent, sell it. Maybe its difficult to find or discontinued, you might make someone’s day by listing it.
    So remember, even clothing can be recycled, so donate it to charity. (Old undies and socks can get tossed out.)

  • Having come back from my parent’s house after clearing it out following their death, I have applied the lesson I learnt and have cleaned out my own house, recycling/donating/selling/trashing old linen, clothes, paint tins, tools, TVs, a couch, a table and chairs, an old cupboard and chest of drawers, read and unread books, DVDs, video tapes, magazines, crockery, cutlery, cups and mugs, platters, schoolbooks, souvenirs, prints and paintings and all the debris that accumulates because it ‘might come in handy’ and is ‘still perfectly good’ despite it going unused.

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