Vodafone Updates Android On HTC Handsets

Vodafone Updates Android On HTC Handsets

Sadly it’s not a shift to Ice Cream Sandwich, but Vodafone is pushing out an over-the-air update for the Desire HD and Cha Cha to shift them to Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0, as well as smaller bug fix updates for the Sensation and Salsa, from 4pm today. You’ll get a notification on your device when the update is available. Not a concern if you’ve already shifted to a custom ROM, obviously.


  • I updated this manually, didn’t receive any notification, once updated it really lagged in the start for a couple of hours. But then I found out the major issue i.e. my mobile network 3G is not working. Did everything to reset it but it is not working and I’m stuck now. Can’t even roll back. I’d recommend not to update until Vodafone has resolved this problem.

  • I have two HTC Incredible S’s both only two months old. Installed the update on both phones. One of the phones seems to have updated without issue. The other phone is now bricked. Neither phone had been rooted so that can’t be the reason for the bricked phone. And before anyone asks, yes I did wait until the phone had fully installed the update.

    The phone froze, and would not turn off. I pulled the battery and tried to boot the phone. It didn’t make it past the HTC screen. Would not turn off, so I let the battery run out. I then plugged in the charger and the phone appeared not to charge. A hard reset did nothing to solve my problem. Completely dead.

    Bottom line. If your phone is out of warrant, you may want to reconsider the update.

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