Use Water And A Jar To Start A Fire

If you want to start a fire, it's best to keep some matches or a lighter on you, but there's always the possibility you won't have one. Secret Tips from the Yumiverse created a guide to start a fire with something you probably always have access to: water.

If you were the kid to sit around burning ants with a magnifying glass, the idea will be familiar to you. You use the water inside a jar to focus the sun's rays on kindling (or Doritos) until you get glowing embers. Once you have the small spark, give a few gentle blows and you have a fire. Obviously this only works during daylight, but it's still a good trick to know. Check out the full guide over at Secret Tips from the Yumiverse.

How to Start a Fire with Water [Secret Tips from the Yumiverse]


    Kids, don't be trying this out on a 40 degree, windy day!

    I am sceptical.
    Despite being transparent in the visible spectrum, Water is excellent at absorbing infrared light.
    While this technique would focus the light on the tinder, it might not be hot enough to start a fire.

    time to do some Myth Busting, then, Richard!

    You will need a fish bowl to pull this trick off.
    I tried it with a 1.5L plastic bottle, in summer. After 5 minutes I got bored and focus the rays on my own hand. It was only warm...

    would not work the focal length would be too close or rather inside the bottle itself and even with mag glass it takes long time

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