Use The 10 Second Rule To Cut Impulse Buys

No matter how frugal you think you are, most of us make silly impulse buys now and again. If you want to cut down on impulse purchases, frugal living blog The Simple Dollar recommends using the 10 second rule to stop and ask yourself a few questions before you buy.

Photo by Jetalone.

The idea is pretty simple. By pausing a bit before heading to the counter, you can review the purchase in your head for a few seconds and make sure it's something you really need or want. You can ask yourself a few questions too:

Do I actually need this item? Does it cause any sort of fulfillment in my life that isn't already achieved by the things I currently own? Could I not put the cost of this item to better use?

If you're trying to cut out spontaneous purchases, it's a clever and simple way to do so.

Master the 10 Second Rule [The Simple Dollar]


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