Use Evernote To Store Instruction Manuals

Use Evernote To Store Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals aren’t much help if you can’t lay your hands on them when an appliance suddenly does something untoward. Lifehacker reader Jess opts for a straightforward approach: storing manuals as PDFs within Lifehacker favourite Evernote.

Jess explains:

I’m a late adopter of Evernote, and it’s only because of Lifehacker that I ever bothered to try it out. It turns out I can’t live without it these days! Anyway, on my upload-everything-to-Evernote spree this idea struck me: download all your user manuals for your household/workplace appliances (almost all can be found as PDFs), and sort them into a separate notebook. That way, you will never lose that instruction manual again. As a bonus. you will be able to throw away those manuals that are cluttering up that drawer!

We’ve explored the notion of storing manuals electronically before, but it’s worth reminding people of the option. My own approach is to keep those documents in a Dropbox folder, but Evernote’s searching and tagging could make it more useful, especially if it’s already part of your workflow.


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