Use An Old Textbook As A Laptop Stand

A telephone directory is a classic low-budget laptop or monitor stand. If you've cancelled delivery of the telephone directory, Lifehacker reader Chris suggests a bulky textbook can be a useful alternative.

Of course, budget-minded students might choose to sell their textbooks at the end of each semester, but for books you can't or don't want to sell, this is a potential alternative. For more laptop stand ideas, check out more DIY laptop stand designs. Thanks Chris!


    I do this already at home, and I use a ream of paper as a monitor stand at work.

      Same here, 500 sheets of reflex paper do the trick.

        See and Raise.

        2 monitors, 2 reams under each :D. The hardest part is trying to gather the reams without people thinking that you're stealing the most expensive resource in the office (we have some anal stationary nazi's here)


    I used an old box, got a plastic cup drew a circle around the cup on the box and cut it out with scissors and now I raised it and got a pen holder :)

    You'd probably wanna make sure the feet on the laptop met up with the text book, if they hang off the sides you run the risk of blocking the fan and cooking your super sexy hot pink Sony Vaio.

      +1 Exactly what I was thinking, the picture above is what NOT to do by the looks of it

    Holy crap - this is freakin' amazing!

    Goodbye cheap, yet functional laptop stand, you are about to be replaced with a shitty wad of paper.

    Captain Obvious reporting for duty!

    Two half spheres with velcro work way better. $2

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