Turn A Magazine Rack Into A Can Holder

Another one for the "why didn't I think of that" files: Turn a magazine holder on its side and stick two pins in it for space-saving organisation in the pantry.

Cans, as you know, are awkward to store. They take too much space and, stacked, are just a mess. A magazine holder is apparently the perfect-sized organiser when tilted on its back. With two flattened and spray-painted bobby pins as stoppers at the ends, cans are neatly contained on your shelves.

Kitchen Pantry Reveal! [PB&Jstories via Jessica Mets]


    Thankgod! An end to unsightly stacked cans! Lifehacker, you've done it again!

      I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not........
      ps. I accidentally reported your comment.....need coffee first thing Monday -_-'

    Quote :"Cans, as you know, are awkward to store. "

    Ummm...actually I thought they were pretty good, since most cans stack nicely.

    Does anyone know what size to use? there are so many different sizes of magazine racks and I'm trying to shop online.

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