Todo.txt Touch BringsText-Based To-Dos To iOS

Todo.txt Touch BringsText-Based To-Dos To iOS

iOS: We’ve talked about why you should set up your to-do list in a plain text file before, and now our favourite plain text manager, Todo.txt, is available in a simple, touch-based app for iOS.

Todo.txt has been out on Android for awhile, but now iOS users can get in on the fun too. Todo.txt Touch syncs your task list in a plain text file over Dropbox, so you can open it with any text editor, sync it to just about any service under the sun, and have complete control over how you use it.

The iOS app is designed for touch screens, though, making it super easy to tweak your task list. You can complete tasks with a swipe, tap on them re-prioritise them, update their tags, and you can sort the list in any way you see fit. It’s the perfect mobile companion for Todo.txt on the desktop, and all you need to do is log in with your existing Dropbox account to get started.

Todo.txt Touch is a $1.99 download for iOS devices.

Todo.txt Touch [iTunes App Store]


  • Without sounding very critical, because I literally use a todo.txt file in Dropbox and edit it manually on Windows and Android, doesn’t making a todo.txt app with extra functionally completely defeat the purpose of a bare bones todo list?

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