The Soothing And Serene Desktop

The Soothing And Serene Desktop

Flickr user rajdroid says that this desktop makes him feel calm and has a soothing effect, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s minimal, simplistic, but the combination of a gorgeous wallpaper and only the essentials when it comes to on-screen information makes for an elegant desktop that hides its power until you need it.

While it looks like a Mac OS desktop, it’s actually anything but. If you want your Windows 7 PC to look like rajdroid’s, here’s what you’ll need to make it happen:

You shouldn’t need to spend too much time setting this one up if you like the look. The biggest challenge will be finding Flurry-style icons for all of the applications you choose to keep in your dock. If you need help setting it up, head over to rajdroid’s Flickr page and ask him how he did it, or check out our guide to customising desktops with Rainmeter for tips.

desksnow [Flickr]


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