The Snow Drift Desktop

The Snow Drift Desktop

It’s the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere, and while I haven’t seen the snow I’d like to see, Flickr user yeesh23 hails from London and decided to bring the snow to her desktop if it wouldn’t come to her window. A beautiful snow-covered wallpaper, a little GeekTool action and some dock tweaks were all she needed.

If you’d like the same look on your Mac’s desktop, here’s what you’ll need.

If you’re unfamiliar with GeekTool and want to get started with the kind of scripts you’ll need to make your desktop look like this one, check out our guide to getting started with GeekTool.

If you’re a Windows or Linux user, you should be able to get a similar effect with Rainmeter (Windows) or Conky (Linux).

Winter // January 2012 [Flickr]

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