The Ice Cream Sandwich Desktop

The Ice Cream Sandwich Desktop

Flickr user David Molina wanted to bring the beauty of Android Ice Cream Sandwich to his desktop, and with a little tweaking and the right tools, we would have to say he definitely succeeded. The final result is a desktop that looks sharp and definitely has a lot in common with the mobile OS that inspired it.

If you want the same look for your Windows system, here are the components you’ll need:

The list of components for this one is pretty hefty, but you can see the results are worth it. Plus, with the base elements you can tweak the desktop to only include the components you like — you can build your own Ice Cream Sandwich desktop with just the wallpaper, RocketDock and the icon pack, and leave the rest off if you so choose. Still, if you have trouble getting everything set up the way you like, check our our tutorial to getting started with Rainmeter, or drop by David’s Flikcr page to compliment him and ask how he managed to make everything work.

ICS Desktop [Flickr]

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