Store Olive Oil In A Coffee Pot For Easy Pouring

The fine food writers over at The Kitchn offer this practical and attractive way to store olive oil properly: use an old enamel coffee pot. These pots not only pour really well, they also prevent damage from sunlight.

The tip comes care of chef Sam Clark of London's Moro restaurant, who likes the pots because they pour in an even stream, rather than the gurgling of typical bottles.

As the article notes, you might also need to find a cork for the spout to prevent loss of flavour from that other enemy of olive oil, air.

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Storage Tip: Use an Enamel Coffee Pot for Olive Oil [The Kitchn]


    Olive oil now comes in the same type of container used as wine casks.great for storage and easy enough to pour but not as easy or as pretty as your coffee pot.

    This is fine for extra virgin, which is the only stuff we use, but less than virgin will tend to go off quickly unless it is air tight. Plus keep in mind, studies say that if you haven't used it in less than a year, you may as well toss it. It can be rancid early on and you won't be able to smell it!

      keeping it in any kind of open-air container is really only for people who use a lot of olive oil. If you're just add a drop occasionally it's not a great idea, since you're increasing the chance of dust/flies/etc getting into your oil.

      Additionally, there are dedicated olive-oil pouring jugs that look pretty similar to the pictured pot.

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