Sparkbox Is A Repository For Inspiring Images

Mac: When you find an image you find particularly inspiring, you often want to save it. If you save a lot of these images, they can be hard to sort through and find as needed. That's where Sparkbox can help. It's a repository for your creative inspiration.

At first glance, Sparkbox sounds very similar to LittleSnapper, which is a screenshot tool that helps you save any clippings in a nicely-designed app for later use. LittleSnapper also focuses on clipping anything that inspires you creatively. The apps are very similar, with a few feature differences, but probably the most noticeable difference is the price. LittleSnapper costs $US40, while Sparkbox will cost you nothing for now (its App Store entry suggests a $20.99 price tag in the future).

Sparkbox is new, however, and so it isn't quite as robust as LittleSnapper. It doesn't have a web app and its feature set is pretty minimal. That said, it can still do a lot. It has a built-in browser for easily taking clippings from the web. You can also save screenshots directly through the app via a menubar item.

You can't use keyboard shortcuts to do this, for some reason, but hopefully those will be added soon . You can also create collections, tag items, and even sort by colour. It's a really handy app that's simple to use. Sparkbox is definitely worth checking out and watching as it continues to grow.

Sparkbox (Free) [Mac App Store]


    AU app store says $20.99 not free.
    It is free in the US app store though

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