Sort Files Into Content-Specific Folders

Sort Files Into Content-Specific Folders

Mac: A desktop filled with hundreds of files in a variety of formats can be a headache to clean up, but Clean My Desktop makes it easy by sorting everything into content-specific folders based on the file type.

Clean My Desktop is a simple app with one goal: keep your desktop organised. With a few clicks it sorts all your desktop files into folders based on file type, and then on subsequent cleanups, it adds the date. You can choose which file types get filtered into folders and which ones don’t. It’s a handy, simple way to organise your cluttered desktop if you’re the type to work with a lot of file types. If you prefer to organise files by date, the previously mentioned Clean is a great alternative. Once your folders are organised, don’t forget to follow a few simple tips to keeping them that way. Clean My Desktop is $1.99 in the Mac App Store.

Clean My Desktop [Mac App Store via Addictive Tips]


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