Sofas Don't Run Wild In The Streets Of Sydney

I'm impressed by the notion of photographing abandoned sofas in the streets of Sydney. However, I can't help wishing the results didn't look quite so posed.

Paul Batt's idea — photographing the cast-off lounges which litter many a street in Australia, either due to an impending council clean-up or just general laziness — is a good one. But while I can see that having the couches lined up in parallel with the kerb does create a , that effect becomes less impressive over the series of images you can see over at Feature Shoot, since it makes the whole thing look a little fake.

It's hard to believe that every single dumped sofa was dumped so neatly, a suspicion confirmed with a little Flick searching:

Picture by Alex Roberts

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea and the photos look sharp, but I think varying the angles would have made the series more interesting — something worth bearing in mind with any long-term photography sequence. Your thoughts?

Photographs of Abandoned Sofas in Suburban Australia [Feature Shoot]


    Nope sorry, do not agree with you. Using the same angle/frame is just perfect for a series like this.

      i'm with eroded; love the effect.

    I much prefer my mate's site Trolleys in Distress. He's been doing it for years now.

      Trolleysindistress is awesome. Fact.

      Ah, trolleys. Used, abused and abandoned, like your common street whore.

    They need to have the obligatory piles of rubbish bags and old microwaves stacked up nearby.. it's too clinical for my liking.

    Adelaide photographer Toby Richardson produced a much more interesting body of work focussing on abandoned mattresses a few years ago, and has another series documenting garage sales.

    NOT varying the angles is perfect... It allows the sofas to "speak" for themselves and compete on a level playing field!

      I agree. That is probably the only aspect of the photos I like, other than that I don't think they are very good photos.

    The second photo is not Sydney (or even Australia). The cars are parked on the wrong side of the road

    Haha, this reminds me of my niece - she's 3 and calls Mt Druitt "Couch Town" because when you drive through it, old couches are the main fixture on most front lawns instead of actual patio furniture. These aren't even abandoned - they're lived on.

    hi, i did a whole series of couches in Queanbeyan where I live and made a pictorial essay and I did a calendar was hilarious...when i get back home from holidays I shall show you what I did...its a real statement about life today I feel!
    all my couches faced the street, sitting proud almost! I didnt touch any of them it was all shot doco and fromn front...

    I love them!!!!

    Hilary Wardhaugh

    I found one in Byron the other day and its location was soooo gorgeous, it looked almost regal!

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