Smart Phones Still Have Dumb Users

Smart Phones Still Have Dumb Users

A little concrete proof that many consumers have no idea what they’re buying: a survey of 7485 American and European phone owners found that 46 per cent of those who owned an iPhone 4 believed that it could be used to access 4G networks.

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As we’ve covered in some detail before, 4G is a messy and confusing term that is used in different ways around the world. The charitable explanation is that the term has been so abused that no-one has any idea what it means anyway. The less charitable explanation is that many people have no idea what kind of network their phone connects to or what speeds it offers.

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  • hell, ive heard some people refer to there generic non apple smart phone, as a “apple iphone”
    especially hilarious when these same people bring it into a apple store or apple reseller such as the one i work at asking for help with there “iphone”

  • Well it kind of makes sense. There was the iPhone 2G and 3G, so perhaps people thought they simply dropped the “G” from the title and called it the iPhone 4.

    As Chris said, I know of people who buy an iPhone because they believe it’s the only phone that does what it does, and any mention of Android is from your geeky nephew (and therefore is worth ignoring because it’s too complex to understand), while the rest of your family doesn’t know what their phone runs, they just know that it’s not an Apple.

    While I was at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne, my wife and I stood in one spot and counted how many individual iPad 2 ads we could see without moving. We counted 9.

    Perhaps Android needs to saturate markets with advertising like this. Don’t promote the phone, promote the OS and let the consumer find the right Android phone for them.

    • No Grayda, that means that the consumer would have to think about what they want from a phone when they already know what they want. And what they want is Angry Birds, Siri, and to just walk into Telstra and walk out with an iPhone.

    • “Perhaps Android needs to saturate markets with advertising like this. Don’t promote the phone, promote the OS and let the consumer find the right Android phone for them”

      The problem with that is that Samsung, LG, Acer, Asus dont want you to buy and android phone, They want you to buy a Samsung, LG, Acer, Asus phone.

      Google does some android ads, but one android experience on one device may or may not be the same on others, so its not the full truth to say that all android devices are equal, as all iOS devices (except for 1 or two features like Siri) are.

      • That is the power of Apple’s marketing: being able to control all aspects of the device to ensure consistency means it can really market the experience (something everyone can relate to) and not just something technical like the OS (which only geeks care about).


      • Interestingly, the few times I’ve turned on my TV I’ve seen a couple of ads from MS for Windows Phone. With their uncompromising hardware requirements they can do the same thing as Apple: market an experience. Hopefully their standards don’t slip!

        • I hope Microsoft get their OS to float as a 3rd major OS in the mix will be better for consumers and competition. Nokia has always made pretty decent hardware, so some software to match will be a breath of fresh air. I think it is going to happen as it’s starting to take off.

    • absolutely right
      that’s why apple works for more people than android.
      people who dont want to bother too much about how to use the phone and still want to use smart phone.they want apple to care of it. so they can take care of other important things.

  • what i mean is people who dont want to bother too much about the phone and want something that works without much technical knowledge. not everyone is a developer or a techno geek

  • I love the saying:

    The internet doesn’t make people stupid, it just makes stupid peoples’ thought more accessible to others’.

    (I hope I got the punctuation correct)

    • Ha ha. I just realized I’ve buggered up my own statement by accidently missing out the ‘s’ in ‘thought’

      I guess I just proved my own statement as correct. lmao!

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