Skype 5.5 Beta Brings Redesigned Call UI

The newest Skype beta for Mac OS X isn't an enormous update, but it does change the (previously very cluttered) call UI into something a bit more usable.

Before, the call screen seemed overloaded with buttons that were difficult to decipher, while now it looks a bit cleaner and easier to use. It also adds the ability to accept incoming calls with or without video and (as always) adds improvements to call quality and stabilisation. Hit the link below to read more, or check out the beta for yourself to see what's new.

Skype 5.5 for Mac Beta Provides Improved Call UI and More [Skype Blog]


    Now they just need to fix the rest of the UI in Skype for Mac.

      Amen to that. I'm still on 2.8 and I'll be damned if I'm upgrading until there's a compact view.

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