Shazam Player Is A Music Player For iOS With A Lyrics Database

iOS: The popular music tagging app Shazam has released a new music player called Shazam Player for iOS. Using your pre-existing iTunes music library on your device, it finds streaming lyrics and offers social sharing options.

The Shazam Player is billed as a replacement for the default music player on iOS, but with added functionality. The biggest feature is the addition of LyricPlay. This scans a lyrics library online and mixes it in with the music already on your device. If you like, you can display those lyrics in a karaoke-view to help you sing along. You can also set it up to share what you're listening to on Facebook and Twitter. If you're interested in learning more about a band, the player also links out to bios, tour dates and YouTube videos with a single click. Other than the additional features, the app works as you would expect a music player to work and has all the traditional management options of the default player. If you want to give it a try, it's a free download in the iTunes App Store.

Shazam Player [iTunes App Store via GigaOm]


    Just tried your app store link - It is not in the Australian itunres store!

    Must be another US article copied without checking :)

    Elly should have caught this one on the international feed....come on now - what's going on? Aussie content should take priority.

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