Samsung Galaxy Y Is A Cheap Prepaid Android

Samsung Galaxy Y Is A Cheap Prepaid Android

Further proof that one of Android’s virtues is a wide variety of price points: Telstra this week begins selling the Samsung Galaxy Y as a prepaid handset for $129.

Like most bargain Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy Y isn’t going to appeal to fans of the latest and greatest: it’s only running Android 2.3 on a 3-inch screen. However, the inclusion of Swype for speedy typing does make it an appealing full-screen alternative to Telstra’s other prepaid Android device, the QWERTY-TOUCH.

Pricing on the Galaxy Y is the same as the QWERTY-TOUCH at $129, which makes it one of the cheaper new Android phones out there right now. Note that, as ever, there’s an unlocking fee if you want to use it on another network.


  • I’d also have a look at the HTC Explorer. It is $149 from Vodafone, with a better screen, better camera and better battery.
    It is possible to get this phone from Wireless1 in Parramatta, for example, for $149 and they’ll unlock it for free.

    • Another options is the HTC Wildfire S, which is being sold in various places for $179. JB Hifi is also including a $25 gift card.

      This might be an option for those who don’t live near Parramatta. 🙂

      • They’ve actually dropped it to $129. You can buy through the website. I’m just not sure what the shipping is though.
        You are right though, not everyone on here lives in Sydney =)

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