Roll Your Towels To Save Space

One trick that hotels and resorts (and likely many of you) have been doing for years to save space on towels and washcloths is to roll them tightly into tubes for storage instead of folding them flat. Folding them requires much more space than a rolled-up towel, and they can be stashed in an out-of-the-way basket or drawer.Photo by tanakawho.

If you've ever had to live in a space where storage is at a premium, you quickly learn that even the space required for your essentials can be minimised. Instead of folding your towels and washcloths into flat squares, the way you find them in manchester stores, roll them up into spa-style tubes when you wash them next. They'll need much less shelf space, and they'll stack just as tall. Stylist notes that you can even stash your rolled-up towels in unorthodox places, such as a pyramid-shape in a basket on the bathroom floor. Is this something you do already, or do you have a different way to save space on your bathroom linens? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

How To Be Organized: The Best Way to Store Towels [Stylist]


    I want scientific analysis on this. The towel doesn't change volume, so please provide proof, that this arcane method actually works.

    I'm also pretty sure that not only can you stack folded towels in some kind of pyramid, but a pyramid also takes up more space.

    Although, I do agree that folded towels cannot be put in drawers - only rolled towels fit in drawers.

    Actually no. that's also bollocks.

      +1 What a load of crap!
      Where the hell did this guy get his information? He certainly has never lived on his own and had to fold his own laundry! Hey Alan, your Mum's not a physics major!

      ++++1 :) Agreed!

      It's not that he's rolling the towel, but that he's rolling the space-time continuum around the towel compressing the mass and making it appear rolled. Geeze guys don't you know anything.

    I think it's both towel awkwardness factor and towel length. if you have a set space for the towels, folding into squares mean that you have wasted space. The rolled towels can be long and thin, and thus fit better. Also, rolling compresses the towel fluffyness, which does make them smaller than the folded versions.

    How about you myth bust it, though? Try it out and compare.

    oh, and you can stuff a column of towel better than a delicate folded towel.

    I like to burn my towels after a wash. I then keep the ashes in a small jar on the floor in my car hole. I have SO MUCH spare room in my bathroom it's insane.

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