Restrict The Maximum Volume On Your iPhone

Restrict The Maximum Volume On Your iPhone

Having your iPhone (or other iDevice) blasting at full volume is not only annoying for others, it can potentially damage your hearing. If you’re using an iPhone (or iPod), you can restrict and lock the volume with a simple tweak.

This is absolutely not a new feature of iOS, but I was reminded of it earlier in the week by DadLabs founder Clay Nichols. Not only can you adjust the maximum volume (under Settings: Music: Volume Limit), you can also set a four-digit pin code that stops that setting being changed, which could be very useful for parents.


  • Any Suggestions that would help reduce the Minimum volume?

    The minimum volume on my iPod is still too loud sometimes, and it would be great to get even an extra half-volume.
    I have my max limited, but i find that it doesn’t open up more increments, it just spreads the values below the threshold across the whole bar.. limits of digital compared to analogue i guess..

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