Repurpose An Old Ladder Into A Saucepan Rack

Have an old wooden ladder that has seen better days? You can change it into a saucepan rack by hanging it horizontally from the ceiling and adding saucepan hooks (standard hardware store s-hooks work fine for this).

The site for Women's Day magazine suggests that you can use a weathered ladder for a rustic look or paint it to match your kitchen. This works best for a short ladder, or you can cut down a larger ladder to fit. You're looking for three of four rungs unless you have a large collection of pots and pans.

Make sure that you hang the ladder from the ceiling joists to ensure the weight is properly supported. Use a stud finder if necessary to find the joists.

If you're looking for other uses for old ladders check out our post on repurposing a ladder as a bookshelf or towel rack.

Pot Rack Ladder Craft [Women's Day via DIY Life]


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