Repair Speaker Dust Cap Dents With A Needle

Having a dent in your speaker's dust cap really doesn't affect the sound, but it can factor into the resale value. To remove a dent easily, use pliers to bend a needle into a 45-degree angle, use the needle to puncture the dent, and then turn the needle and gently pull it so that the angled-end raises the dent up. When you're finished, use a felt pen to cover the tiny hole.

Thanks goes to YouTube user GT10gaming for sharing this tip. If you're buying store-model speakers, now you can have confidence that the dust cap dent on the demo unit can be easily repaired, so go negotiate a steep discount.

Repair A Dent On A Speaker's Dust Cap (5 steps/ 5 minutes) [Instructables]


    Poking holes in your dust cap does not seem like a very sensible repair method.

    I had great succsess using a sink plunger, and leaves no hole.

      I'm curious about your sink plunger method.

      It sounds pretty dodgy to me, but if your plunger fits over the speaker cone then it might just work without damaging your speaker.
      Still not keen to try it though.

    omg dont EVER do this to your speaker cone. putting a hole in something that is designed to transfer and resonate sound will affect its performance whether you like it or not.

    since when did damaging an item become a useful tip?

    TERRIBLE idea!! Speakers work by moving air. Putting a hole in it will significantly affect sound quality.

    The solution is to carefully use a vacuum cleaner on low power to pull the dent back out..

    I've had great success with a vaccume cleaner. Pops them right out.

    wow this guys an idiot!

    One thing i did was literally just Suck on the cap with my mouth. It just pops it back.

    Just use some sticky tape... stick it on the dent and pull it out. Done

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