Read Emails Aloud To Ensure They’re Clear

Read Emails Aloud To Ensure They’re Clear

We’ve discussed how you should keep your emailed organised and brief, especially when emailing people who get a lot of mail or you know are busy. The folks at the blog Pick the Brain have another great suggestion: read your message aloud before sending it to make sure it comes across clearly.

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Reading what you write aloud before your submit it for public view is an old writer’s trick, one that’s especially useful when you need to proofread something you’ve written. One commenter at Pick the Brain notes that it’s good for writing better email as well, and ensures you avoid language that can have multiple meanings or make ambiguous statements that will delay a response from your recipient.

The article has a number of other great ideas to make sure your emails are read and understood. What are the techniques you use to make sure you avoid confusion in your emails? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

6 Tips for Writing Better Emails [Pick the Brain]


  • Personally I just randomly bash keys with my eyes closed and hope it comes out how I want it… Never thought of actually reading what I write.

    I might actually buy a monitor next week.

  • My modification: I use the reading aloud technique too. However, I think my modification works even better. I get my mac’s text-to-speech to read it to me, which sounds quite natural with the right voice.
    I find this even better than reading it aloud myself because it reads according to the punctuation that is there and not the punctuation/pauses that I insert mentally.

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