Rdio’s Streaming Music Is Pricier In Australia

Rdio’s Streaming Music Is Pricier In Australia

Streaming music service Rdio has rolled out in Australia, adding itself to the growing roster of subscription music services. While it’s good to have choice and the claimed 12 million tracks sounds appealing, the pricing is higher compared to its competitors.

Rdio is charging $8.90 a month for its web-based streaming service, or $12.90 a month for the option to also stream to mobile devices. Unlike most of its rivals, there’s no discount for signing up to a contract. That gives it flexibility, but ultimately makes it a little more expensive: rival JB Hi-Fi Now, for instance, costs $6.67 a month for its web service if you buy a 12-month deal.

You can sign up without a credit card for a free seven-day trial (which is again a bit less generous than JB’s 30-day free trial). I found the sign-up process a bit buggy, but that might just reflect a surge of initial interest. If you give it a whirl, share your thoughts in the comments.



  • Did the trial last week and signed up over the weekend. I think it’s worth the $13 bucks. Having pirated music for “a short while” because paying $40 for a CD is a f’ing joke, I think having access to 12 millions songs from anywhere, anytime, is worth a measly 12 bucks.

    But, it’s week two and seeing as I can cancel anytime, we’ll see how I go… Enjoying it so far though.

    • Agreed. I don’t understand all of this coverage on “new music subscription services” when you can just use Grooveshark – which is the same thing but free.

  • Zune has 13 million tracks. You can download the files and play them offline – as many as you want, or you can stream on Xbox 360, Windows (Zune app), Windows Phone 7 and Mac/Linux (through the web Zune app).

    All for $12 a month – it’s by far the best option of all these streaming services and it does more than just stream – actually being able to download songs and play them offline is extremely important to most people – so Zune wins.

  • I’ll stick with Zune Pass thanks (on my PC and WP7) it’s the best of these services I think, especially for Australia.
    Microsoft just need to ADVERTISE it. 🙂

  • Grooveshark is the best option for the number of songs etc, but its also full of duplicates and missing songs as DMCA takedown notices get actioned.

    Its so dissapointing that we cant just all get it right for some decent streaming, instead of half assed bullshit. Whilst I subscribe to Grooveshark, I would happily go to Spotify or RDio if they even had close to the amount of music Grooveshark does.

    It might even be time to go back to pirating, perhaps

  • Guvera.com? Aussie run, 2 years open now with unlimited free streaming, mobile app coming and advertiser based free downloads. Many other options out there that are legal and free.

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