Rara.Com Is Yet Another Streaming Music Service

While we still haven't seen Spotify appear, the range of streaming music options in Australia continues to steadily expand. Hot on the heels of JB Hi-Fi Now and Rdio, new service Rara.com claims to offer access to 10 million tracks.

Unlike its rivals, Rara.com doesn't offer a free trial, but its pricing is fairly competitive for the desktop. The regular charge is $7.99 a month, but the service is offering the first three months at 99 cents. Adding the Android mobile app gets somewhat pricier; that costs $12.99 a month usually, with a 'special' price of $2.99 a month. Like Rdio, there's no long-term contract.



    I dont understand, why does it cost more to access the service from a mobile device? It costs the company nothing extra, bandwith is bandwith.

      pricing strategies aren't always about the cost at the producer's end (bandwidth), but rather sometimes the benefit at the user's end (mobility of your music). If they can price it, and people benefit, then they'll pay.

      Oh no! Are you suggesting that the company could be making money from the service the'yre offering...like it's some sort of profit game! Gosh call the press, call the government for crying out loud; we can't have companies making money!

    Hmm... sounds like something I read about recently...


    Hmm. seems interesting...afta signing up (out of curiosity) I thort at least there would be a trial period. Obviously I was wrong!
    Money first, service latter.

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