Pick Up The Phone To Find A New Job

The old adage "It's not what you know but who you know" is especially true when it comes to job hunting. If your job search has you spending day after day behind a screen sending out waves of emailed resumes and automated job applications, it's time to change course and start phoning your network of professional contacts instead.

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Over at Career Sherpa, Hannah Morgan points out that you're better off spending more of your time calling your friends and family, past supervisors, colleagues, vendors, and even customers you can still connect with, and other people in your professional network and let them know you're looking for new opportunities and willing to talk to people they can send your way. Even if you have an impressive resume with great credentials, most companies do their hiring based on referrals and suggestions from current employees. At the very least, those referrals are more likely to get interviews.

No one's saying you should give up entirely on job search sites and tools. But if your goals for the new year involve searching for a new job or career, paying more attention to your professional network as opposed to job search sites may be a good way to jump-start the search. Are you looking for a new job this year? Share your job search tips in the comments below.

Job Seekers: Change How You Look for Work [Career Sherpa]



    I've stayed at jobs for a lot longer if it was through a recommendation of a friend.

    Last job was just under 4 years, just started a new job that was also found through a friend and I can see it being somewhere I plan on staying for a long time.

      Further more, I think it says something about the company to trust their employees with recommendations.

    Life Hacker: Thanks so much for sharing my post!

    @Another Melbourne Gamer, so good to hear you have and use your network! Yes, there are many employers who offer referral bonus's to their employees when they refer hired candidates. It proves the value of relationships!

    Hannah Morgan

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