Pack Shoes In Shower Caps

Pack Shoes In Shower Caps

When your holidays finish, you’ve often got dirty shoes to pack. One potential solution? Put them in a shower cap.

Real Simple magazine’s weblog recommends using a free shower cap from your hotel to pack your shoes in and prevent getting the other stuff inside your suitcase dirty. Organised travel types keep plastic bags in their luggage for just this purpose, but if you’ve forgotten one this is a good alternative.

50 All-Time Favorite New Uses for Old Things [Real Simple via The Daily Buzz Australia


  • The other free thing you often get on holidays (or which you can keep from the previous holiday): aeroplane socks.

    I keep three or four pairs of these in my suitcase and whenever I travel I unroll a sock over each shoe before packing. (After all, one’s shoes are rarely that pristine when you head off on holiday either!) This gives each shoe a form-fitting covering that protects the leather from scratches and your other possessions from grime.

    Advantages of socks over shower caps:
    1. They don’t come off the shoes in your suitcase
    2. You can pack each shoe separately, which is important if you follow the style of packing where shoes sit along the “spine” or bottom edge of the suitcase.

    Possible disadvantage:
    This works extremely well for my women’s shoes. If I were a man with bigger feet and bulkier footwear, then the aeroplane socks might not fit over the shoes. But then, a shower cap might not fit either.

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