Open A Beer With Your Forearm

Open A Beer With Your Forearm

If a twist-top beer is too tight to open with your bare hands, and you don’t want to use your shirt, you can twist the top off by placing the cap forcefully in the flesh of your forearm and pushing it in as you twist as shown in the video tip above from culinary site

We’ve featured lots of methods for opening beer bottles here at Lifehacker. From using a countertop to a car door to even a piece of paper. Here’s another to add to the list.

How to Open a Beer with Your Forearm – CHOW Tip [YouTube via]


  • And this will be the post that motivates me to remove this site from my RSS reader.

    Seriously, why waste people’s time with articles like this? I know you get more ad impressions but I don’t have time to waste wading through this sort of dross.

  • I really like this little trick although it’s handier to know than people realise.
    Sometimes I receive a beer at a party from an unknown source and I don’t feel like studying the thread of the bottle cap just to figure out if I should open it with a bottle opener or risk cutting my hand trying to twist off something that can’t be.
    So I skip a step and try opening it with my forearm.
    If it opens then it was a twist top and I now can enjoy my beverage.
    If it doesn’t open I can be safe knowing that I have not cut my palm while looking for a bottle opener.

    • Back in my hospitality working days, I used to do this to save time and also to save my hands from getting cut up. Seemed to impress the hordes as well. As long as you remembered which beers were twist top or not otherwise you’d look the fool. Also some brands had tighter caps than others.

  • If you like this trick, try this one…
    Don’t shower for two days, hand your shirt out and fart a lot. Any woman that is impressed by this will put up with anything(*).

    – note: usually only works if blokes do it.

    • Works for me. In fact, that’s how I met my wife AND convinced her to have a foursome with two supermodels.

      Chicks also dig a man who belches then chews it for flavour.

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