No Aussie Plans For New Huawei MediaPad

No Aussie Plans For New Huawei MediaPad

The nice thing about Huawei’s newest MediaPad Android tablet is that one model comes preloaded with Ice Cream Sandwich. The less nice thing (“passion pink” colour option aside) is that there’s no plans to release them in Australia, according to Huawei officials.

The original MediaPad got plenty of hype in Australia last year, but doesn’t seem to have scored a proper official release, and is not listed on Huawei’s local site. As such, the news that existing MediaPad models will get an over-the-air update to 4.0 during the first quarter of 2012 is only going to be of interest if you’ve got a grey market import model. Android tablets have experienced very mixed fortunes, so the lack of a release plan isn’t entirely surprising.


  • No great loss. I used it at a trade presentation and it was horribly slow. It felt like I was using a tablet make a few years ago when comparing it to the smoothness of iPads and Galaxy tabs.

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