Need To Root Your Phone? Try Unlock Root

If you're looking to root your phone but don't want to pore over complicated instructions, a new program called Unlock Root claims to root some 250 different phones with ease.

The problem with Android rooting is that every phone is different, which means you need to find the right method for your particular device. But Unlock Root is about as simple as they come: install the USB drivers for your phone from the manufacturer's website, plug in your phone, turn on USB debugging and hit the big green "Root" button. It claims to root around 250 devices from a load of manufacturers. It can also unroot them with the click of a button, which is something not a lot of other root apps do.

Obviously, this is a pretty hefty claim and we can't possibly test all those phones, so your mileage may vary. People around the net seem to be having mixed results, but it worked on my Motorola Droid (though, for what it's worth, that's a very easy-to-root phone). There are some caveats with this app, however. Not only does it have some annoying advertising, not to mention it tries to install an extra, unrelated battery monitor app on your phone, but lots of sites are claiming the app contains stolen code — probably from the hardworking developers that found these root exploits in the first place.

As such, we don't necessarily recommend it as a primary root method, but we'd be remiss not to mention its existence. We recommend checking out the methods presented in our guide first, but if you have trouble with those, this app could be worth a shot. If you do give it a try, please let us know how it works for you in the comments.

Unlock Root [via Android Authority]


    So what about tablets? Seems to me that they are being given short thrift this last week or so. Surely this sort of thing should be able to work with them too?

    The site lists the HTC Legend as a supported handset, but I'm not sure I believe it. No other 'one-click' tool supports it as far as I'm aware, since it's such a notorious mongrel to root.

    It's my only phone, so I'm a bit hesitant to try it ...

      Fyi: I found VISIONary app kind of works for my htc legend. It's not full root access (can't modify rom) but titanium back up can get Super user access and backup my installed apps and app data.

      I'll give this a try when i get time.

        Did not work on HTC Legend 2.2 with HBOOT 1.01

        I'll try again but running Visionary first.

          Can't Get this to work with my HTC Legend.

      I rooted a Legend following instructions from It wasn't easy, it took half a day, and I'm still not sure which of the times i tried worked, But i eventually got there and installed CM7

        I mentioned VISIONary app because I have app data I want to keep on my phone and the only way to "Save it" from a factory reset is to use titanium back up or similar.

        If this is the guide your referring to; (from XDA Forum) It looks easier then the older ones I found but the method for creating a gold card I found is easier with an app in the market. (install app, use app to go to webpage, paste code in webpage, download image.)

    The spelling/grammar police take issue with your use of the word pour instead of pore. Pour is to empty the contents of something such as a jug of liquid scorn. Pore is to study something closely.

    I'm pretty tempted to try this with my Desire HD.

    just tried this on my Incredible S,
    and was somewhat successful....

    S-ON is still going for some reason
    and the baseband is at 1.16 (which is unrootable)
    so im somewhat confused, but hopefully i can install
    a custom firmware now

      LOL .. go to .. and all your rooting will come to fruition.

        still cant make a goldcard, incredible S is blocked...fml

    To me, rooting something means f*cking it up.

      For people who use this program for their phones without reading XDA heavily, they'll probably agree with you.

    Can anyone tell if this will work with the Motorola ACTV?

    Oh look, a windows only app. How incredibly .... useful

    That's worth noting in the article.

    Just tried it, worked for me on Galaxy S2 2.3.3.

    would I be able to root my phone and then take the stupid battery app off? I have a desire z and these are a pain in the bum to root because you have to downgrade and then get s-off and blah blah blah blah blah ( I got confused and lazy and then never did it haha)

    I tried this on my desire S because the normal methods are little tedious ... it professes on the site to work with my phone and the app said it had succeeded but the root checker app disagrees and says I don't have root access.

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