Mobile App Development Shifting Towards Android

A common complaint heard around Lifehacker's comments is the relative lack of Android app development compared to iOS, despite the growth of Google's phone platform. The most recent Fast 50 listing of freelance job opportunities by freelancing exchange suggests that situation is gradually changing, with Android opportunities continuing to grow faster than those for the iPhone.

Picture by George Thomas

The total number of Android jobs listed on the site in Q4 was 2454, up 33 per cent on the previous quarter. iOS had a higher total volume (3682 iPhone projects and 1692 iPad projects), but the growth rates were lower (18 per cent and 22 per cent respectively). If those trends continue, predicts the two platforms will have similar volumes of work on offer by the end of 2012.

When released similar figures a year ago, iOS projects had a clear lead over Android. That gap is smaller now, but it's also worth noting that the total volume of iPhone and iPad jobs is lower. Presumably businesses already happy with their existing iOS apps are either expanding their range or shifting towards HTML5.


    Settle down, growth is bound to happen but it doesn't mean developers are leaving iOS.

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