Make Your Own Rice Milk

Lots of people these days avoid dairy and instead reach for alternatives to milk. We've covered making your own soy milk and almond milk in the past; if you prefer rice milk you can make your own by blending rice, water and a sweetener.

Food blog contributor Karen Solomon shows us in the video above how easy rice milk is to make: pour one cup of dry long-grain white rice in a blender along with four cups of water. Let that soak for 10 hours then pulverise it in your blender at it's highest speed for a full two minutes, while you add four teaspoons sugar or other equivalent sweetener. Strain that through a fine mesh strainer and you have fresh tasty rice milk.

Around the world this drink can also be made from sesame seeds, barley, or tigernuts and is commonly known as horchata.

Karen also suggests throwing in a stick of cinnamon while the rice soaks to add flavour. I imagine vanilla beans and many other spices would also work; this makes me want to make a chai spices rice milk to add to strong black darjeeling tea.

Karen doesn't state how long the rice milk will last, but I'm guessing that you should go for a week's worth per batch.

How to Make Rice Milk and Horchata []


    Best to use organic, pesticide free rice for this. Normally, rice water is tossed away because it contains impurities, and agricultural chemicals.

    I'd recommend washing the rice first to get rid of all that starchy crap.

    I tried this thanks for the post LH! It turned out pretty good - nice and sweet but there was a lot of very fine sediments even after I put it through a tea strainer. Mind you I didn't wash the rice so I'll try washing it next time and maybe putting it through a cheese cloth or something similar. :)

    Speaking of which, I've been told that pantyhoses are a good substitute for cheese cloths (new of course). Was used to cure meat.

    I followed the recipe to a tee and I'm sorry to say that the result was totally foul: bitter and chalky, and quick to separate into water and sediment. I did not wash the rice first but I doubt that this step alone could render the result palatable. I'll be sticking to store-bought...

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