Make Pill Bottles Easier To Open With Sugru

If you or a family member has arthritis, opening standard child-safety pill bottles can be a real pain. Use a bit of Sugru to give the lid a textured grip that makes it easier to open.

This idea comes from Instructables user Surfer24. All you need for this hack is to open a packet of Sugru and mould it into a long "snake" shape. Wrap the Sugru around the the bottle lid tightly and let it cure for 24 hours before use.

If you don't already have Sugru on hand you can order it from the official website.

Sugru Pill Bottle Hack [Instructables]


    This is fine so long as you can re-use the same container, because given the cost of importing Sugru from the UK, you wouldn't want to do it over and over again!

    Or you could just use a rubber glove (the type used for dishwashing/house-cleaning). That gives things enough of a grip to get lids off from all sorts of containers.

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