Make Better Decisions With This Spreadsheet

The best way to tackle a problem — whether it's something big like what car to buy or as small as where to eat out — is to evaluate the possible solutions. This Excel spreadsheet helps weigh all your options and find the best choice.

To use the decision-making tool, enter up to five values or qualities you consider important about the decision in question and then rank them. In the example provided, when looking for a vacation spot, you might want to go somewhere warm, relaxing, inexpensive, and nearby. Then list the possible options and score them against each quality. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate a final tally and show you the most desirable choice.

Whether or not you geek out like I do over charts and pros and cons lists, this tool from Idea Sandbox might help make tough decisions a little bit easier.

Idea Sandbox: Decision Making Tool [Idea Sandbox]


    Kepner-Tregoe anyone?

      pls explain...

      Exactly what I thought, too.

    ... I thought, I remember doing this at a Kepner Tregoe training course! not "pls explain"

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