Make An iPhone Macro Lens With Sugru

Want to use your iPhone for macro photography? Aussie blogger Kirsty outlines how you can build a macro lens attachment using perennial Lifehacker favourite Sugru.

To achieve the zoom effect, Kirsty used part of an old lens, but you could get a similar result with a magnifying glass. The Sugru allows you to make a customer holder which attaches to the side of your iPhone, and the same approach could easily be adopted for other smartphones. Hit the link for step-by-step instructions.

How to make a macro lens for your (i)Phone [Kootoyoo]


    Anybody know if Sugru is available in Oz yet? I bought a packet of the stuff four or five months ago and even though it is sealed in it's own satchel and then sealed in a zip lock package, it still went off! Too bloody expensive to lose it because it got old.

      I don't know if it's available here, but there was a guide to make your own published here about 12 months ago.

      Hi Timmah! sorry to hear about your sugru curing early - if you contact our customer service - shop[at] - we can arrange for you to receive replacements :)

      We did some research and found that sugru keeps up to twice as long when stored in the fridge rather than room temperature:

      If you live somewhere hot it can make all the difference! Hope that helps.

      I bought some Sugru a while back, it's definatly available ... I think I may have bought it off the Sugru site? Maybe?

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