Make A Holder For Your Toilet Paper-Turned Tissue Box

Earlier this month, we featured a tip on how to turn a normal roll of bog paper into a tissue box. The problem is that it doesn't look all that great just sitting in the open, and there's nothing to protect the tissues from getting dirty before they're used. Here's an easy way to cobble together a container from an old CD spindle pack.

A 100-pack spindle container is recommended to contain the entire roll. Once you've followed the steps in the previous post, it's a simple matter of cutting a hole in the top cover, placing the toilet roll inside on the base and then covering it up.

The spindle pack should be about the right size of the toilet roll.

Tissue Paper Dispenser from a CD Spindle [Instructables]


    Or you could just buy a box of tissues.

      Yeah, seriously. Tissues are not that expensive.

    Also, toilet paper is more coarse.

    This is a great idea for the car. I am sick of my box of tissues getting sat on, stood on, squashed between seats and eventually lost.

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