LCA2012 Diary: The Smart And The Sweaty

LCA2012 Diary: The Smart And The Sweaty

Attending is a great way to enhance my knowledge and scare me into presenting, but it’s an exhausting five days. It’s mentally exhausting because of all the new information to be acquired, and it’s physically exhausting because it’s the height of summer in Ballarat and the temperature is 32 degrees or more.

Today is the first day of “proper” conference, although there were plenty of good things to discover during the mini-conference sessions. Bruce Perens’ opening keynote discussed the threat the iPhone represents to open source software before examining a potential future led by open source hardware. Not everyone is going to agree with him, but he certainly got people thinking. As one attendee commented: “The trouble with this event is it gives you all sorts of ideas for stuff to do.”

It has to be said: with the high temperatures, there’s a definite air of sweat around the place. On the other hand, despite the high wind levels, my lanyard is actually behaving itself. Kudos to that 50 cent piece!

Meanwhile, I’ve got a little over two days until I present. I’m feeling vaguely confident, except I keep hearing stuff in the presentations which makes me modify my own. I guess I can’t resist that journalistic urge to try and be up-to-date. For anyone curious, you’ll be able to see the whole thing streamed from 11:30 on Thursday, provided there’s no network dramas.


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