Keep Cakes Moist Overnight With A Slice Of Bread

It might sound (and look) a bit ridiculous, but the Baked Bree blog swears that this trick works for preventing cakes and other baked goods from getting stale before their time: Put a slice of bread on them.

I recently had cupcakes go very stale the next morning when left out overnight on the bench, so I might try this, even though the blog notes this technique will waste the slice of bread. Still — and most importantly — it preserves the dessert.

Wes's Birthday Cake [Baked Bree]


    I am sorry, but what sort of a moron leaves baked food out, uncovered, on a kitchen bench and then expects it not to become stale?????

    Tupperware anyone???? Or any of the many cheaper and IMO inferior alternatives.

      OTOH the cake at that link looks delicious, may just have to try it.

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