Internode Turning On IPv6 By Default

Internode Turning On IPv6 By Default

Internode customers have been able to switch on IPv6, and as of last week it is now doing that by default for all new signups. Internode had intended to make that happen before the end of 2011, but given its dramatic buyout by iiNet in late 2011, early January seems close enough. [Internode]


  • Ask lifehacker:
    Could enabling IP6 potentially lead to some security problems? It seems all too easy to have computers exposed on the public internet with IPv6.

    • Assuming you’re still using a router at home (which most will be), the answer is ‘probably not’. Each device will have a publicly accessible address, but the router will still act as a firewall for any unwanted connections. you can allow/disallow ports for individual devices the same way you can at the moment. Power users won’t have to worry much.

      The real risk is the default settings home-grade routers come with. Most people won’t be willing to change a bunch of settings and make their router more secure.

      • “Most people won’t be willing to change a bunch of settings and make their router more secure.”

        You say that almost as if it’s the users “fault” they won’t be secure rather than the manufactures for selling a knowingly unsecure product, when they could easily make it a locked down secure consumer appliance out-of-the-box.

        A bit like saying… Yeah, today I just got my new car delivered…. this weekend I’ll spend arming the airbags, enabling the ABS, adding tread to the tyres, and getting locks put on the doors….

        PS: glas to see Internode have now included IPV6 in the un-metered content.

      • Your post seems to ignore the fact that Teredo is enabled by default on Microsoft Windows Vista or later. Thus, most PC’s made in the last five years or so are already IPv6 enabled. In addition, a number of the popular consumer router brands (Linksys leaps to mind) now support IPv6.

        Nonetheless, Microsoft Windows XP and later have an effective software firewall.enabled by default, and it works for both IPv6 and IPv4.

  • When I signed up I was given the option to enable IPv6 but there was a caveat there that said all IPv6 traffic would count towards my monthly quota – even through the ‘free’ networks such as ABC’s iView and Internode’s own servers. I wonder if they will remove this restriction now that it’s on by default?

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