Internode Offering Rental For Fritz!BOX Gear

In its first news announcement since merging into iiNet, Internode is offering a rental option on its well-regarded FRITZ!Box routers and handsets. But do the deals make sense?

If you sign up for a 24-month contract, you can get the 7270 router for an additional $9.95 a month, the 7390 for $14.95 a month, or the DECT handset for the equipment for an additional $4.95 a month. Outright buy prices have also been cut: the 7270 is $249, the 7390 is $349, and the handset is $109.

You don't have to be a mathematical genius to see that there's not much of a subsidy involved in the rental plans: each item is gear is around $10 cheaper than if you buy it outright. The one expense you'll escape is a delivery charge, though Adelaide residents (one of the major focuses for Internode under iiNet ownership) can dodge that if they visit Internode HQ. So it's far from a terrible deal if you fancy the hardware, but it's not a huge, radical way of saving money.



    Uh, this is rental, not a payment plan. You don't get to keep the devices, ergo this is a waste of money.

      I checked Internode's website & it does appear to be a straight rental... however Internode also remains responsible for keeping the hardware operating ... seems like an alternative at least worth considering!

    Sounds awfully like the iiNet BoB rental plans.

    its not really any cheaper than buying the equipment outright

    and its heavily overpriced
    and its ugly

    why is this news?

    Jump on to and you will see all Fritz!BOX gear a lot cheaper.

      Is this spam for a price comparison website?

        I wouldn't say linking to static ice is spam, in my opinion, it's just like linking to Whirlpool - everyone knows it.

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