How Does Savvytel’s Unlimited Prepaid Compare?

How Does Savvytel’s Unlimited Prepaid Compare?

Go back two years and the safe presumption was that a prepaid mobile plan would have a lousy data allowance, but things are changing. Savvytel’s Savvy Unlimited plan includes 4GB of data as well as unlimited calls and texts to Australian numbers, and costs $38 a month.

That $38 price point makes it marginally cheaper than Amaysim’s similar Unlimited deal, and just marginally cheaper (Amaysim is $39.90). Both use the Optus network, charge 5 cents per megabyte for excess data, and don’t require any long term commitment. (Boost Mobile also has a fairly similar $40 deal, but only includes 3GB of data.)

Right now, Amaysim is offering the third month free for new customers who sign up for the Unlimited plan, which would ultimately make it considerably cheaper than Savvytel for any period longer than two months. That deal expires on January 5, however.

Savvy Unlimited [via OzBargain]


  • And now of course there is RedBull Mobile (as per Gizmodo’s article).. $365 for 1 year of unlimited calls and txts (incl. 1300/1800 numbers) plus 5GB of data.. They do have the +$1 thing for the HTC Chacha.. but you could just grab the pre-paid sim..

    $38 x 12 months is $456.. with less data… of course RedBull is Vodafone..

    • Red Bull’s international rates are more expensive than Amaysim – worth bearing in mind if you ever call overseas directly from your mobile.

      Of course, if you have a smartphone then you can get around this downside by just using something like Rebtel to make your overseas call local calls (or routed over wifi/data, whichever you prefer).

  • Never mind that Optus and Vodafone don’t work unless you live in a capital city. Now if they were on the Telstra network it might be worth it but lots of data and calls with bugger all coverage is still useless.

    • I don’t know about Vodafone, but Optus has always been good for me well outside of capital cities.

      (BTW, I’m not replying to myself here, just the same name)

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