How Does Mobile Broadband Enter Your Workplace?

How Does Mobile Broadband Enter Your Workplace?

Mobile broadband is an increasingly popular option, and for work purposes it’s certainly a much better choice than paying a fortune for hotel Internet or chewing through your phone’s data allocation. But just who decides what mobile broadband gear ends up in the office?

Picture by Rene Schwietzke

According to ACMA, there are 4.79 million mobile broadband services in Australia. What those statistics don’t tell us is how those services get chosen and used, especially in a small business environment.

As well as debates over carriers and whether to choose a Wi-Fi hotspot or a dongle, there’s also the question of charging model. Prepaid topped up when you need it? Contract to get a better data allowance? Bundled with an existing phone deal or purchased separately>

In extremely large enterprises, there may well be a fixed policy that dictates what everyone uses and how it is acquired. However, in the small businesses that make up the majority of Australian workplaces, the options are more varied. So I’m curious: when mobile broadband has ended up as part of your work environment, how has that happened?

Feel free to expand on what happens in your workplace in the comments.

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