Hack A Tracksuit To Protect Socks When Mowing

Regularly mow your lawn and find there's all sorts of junk embedded in your socks? Lifehacker reader Tom solved that problem with a simple clothing hack.

Here's Tom's trick:

When trimming the edges and mowing, my socks get all sorts of grass and garden debris lodged in them. It doesn't seem to matter how much I wash them, they are like that for life.

I had an inspired moment yesterday before starting the mowing. I snipped the ends off the arms on an old tracksuit top and presto! Recycled, washable sock protectors.

My socks were still a bit dirty, but completely free of grass, so they should wash a lot better.

Definitely beats picking out the seeds afterwards. Thanks Tom!


    You know most hardware stores sell "Sock/Boot protectors" for about $5 a pair. Very common, and a much better option than potentially cutting up a pair of otherwise comfortable sloppy-joe or pair of trackies.

    Take a look at the feet of any council worker, landscaper, arborist, or gardener and there's a good chance they will be wearing some.

      *lack of edit button*

      "...an otherwise comfortable sloppy-joe or pair of trackies."

      Not to mention they're more durable,slightly more attractive, and waterproof. I also wouldn't be surprised if the home-made protectors got quite a few grass seeds stuck in them. (sidenote: they're also great to avoid getting sand in your shoes if you're shovelling or digging)

      Having said that, it could be useful in some rather specific circumstances: You're taking some old clothing to a donation bin, and suddenly receive an urgent call from your mother - her two-acre yard is overgrown with weeds and it's nearly time for her dinner party to start! It's a public holiday and no hardware stores are open, so what do you do?

      BAM, emergency sock protectors save the day. You mow the lawn, the dinner party goes off without a hitch, and you're written back into the will. Best of all, your socks remain silky smooth throughout.

    Or just have a pair of "mowing socks" that live with the "mowing shoes" in the shed near the "mower".. no wait, why is mower in quotes... ?? Anyway, this is where old socks go to die.. they never get washed, when they are too holey, or funky, they get thrown in the "mowing bin" which is just the regular bin, but on mowing days it likes to feel special too... part of The Mowing Gang if you will..

    Then... whenever I need new socks... I go and buy them in a 5-pack at Kmart for about $1 a pair, and there we have it... another year of happy mowing.

    ps: no tracksuits were harmed during the filming of this mowing PSA. It is possible however that a rosebush was nicked by the mower and required further medical attention. He fine now. That is all. End Comunique'

    Or, you know wear gaiters. Which exist pretty much everywhere.

    i for one think this is a great idea. Many people have old tracksuits around that may not be useful for anything else...

    but according to most comments here, that's dumb and you should go out and buy the things anyway.

    Maybe take a look at the title of this blog? Is it called Lifehacker, or go out and buy things?

      Never at any stage did I say buy something instead of cutting up and using something that is otherwise useless.

      Although, to cut up and use tracksuits instead of a vastly superior and very inexpensive product, the tracksuits would have to be in a *very* bad way.

    I'm stricken with lily white IT worker's skin.
    I wear a pair of army style pants from a surplus store. Properly bloused, the don't let crap into the shoe/sock, keep the sun of my legs, and also stop anything minor from drawing blood.

    In these days of mass consumerism and throw away products I applaud the genuis of this idea.

    Why spend time, fuel and money going to buy a cheap mass produced product from china to do the job when I can stay at home and cut up my old grungy mass produced tracksuit from China? It's called recycling.

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