Google Search Integrates Google+

Google Search Integrates Google+

Google has announced a new feature for its search engine that will personalise your search results based on your Google+ account activity. Dubbed “search, plus your world”, it will push content from you and your Google+ network into search results.

The new search feature will highlight profiles and updates when you search for people or terms. So, if you search for “photos of Italy”, it will check your circles first and display a friend’s holiday photos inline with the Google search. Searching for people will also show off their Google+ account as well as updates that have mentioned or talked about the query. The hope is that you’ll get specially catered search results based on your Google+ activity.

The new search results won’t always be integrated, there will be a button that will allow you to toggle between the personalised results and the Google search you’re used to. The new service will be rolling out for users over the next few days.

Search, plus your World [The Official Google Blog]


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