Freeze Aloe Vera In Ice For Sunburn Relief

Summer has hit with a vengeance, and everyone who is stupid enough to go out without sunscreen is likely to suffer from sunburn. Real Simple suggests freezing some aloe vera in an ice cube tray for sunburn relief that's soothing thanks to the aloe, and cooling thanks to the chilly cold of the ice.

You'll have to make sure you get actual aloe vera to freeze in this case. Aloe does have some water content, but many aloe preparations are really moisturising lotions that may not freeze very well. Once you have some, you can either mix it with water, or pour a good amount into each section of the ice cube tray, and toss it in the freezer overnight. The next time you suffer from sunburn, you'll have a soothing home remedy to apply to your burn when you get back inside.

This admittedly isn't easier than remembering to use sunscreen in the first place, but it is a different take on soothing the savage sunburn. Silly idea or DIY genius? Whatever you think, let's hear it in the comments below.

Ice Cube Tray as Sunburn Soother [Real Simple]


    I've always been taught both just from home and in first aid courses that ice on burns is a no-no.

    This NYTimes ( article seems to back this up indicating there was a study that concluded that ice provided no more pain relief then a placebo.

    Most people think it helps but applying ice to a sun burn is just like getting an "ice burn" which can be almost as painful as sunburn. It only cools down the areas AROUND the burn.

    You should first have a warm (NOT HOT!) shower.. just luke warm is fine, this will open the pores and release any trapped heat. Just rinse, don't scrub and reduce the heat to a tolerable cool level.. no need to make it really cold.

    Putting the aloe vera (not creams as mentioned above) in the fridge is fine but you don't want it to be ice. To reduce the heat further, you can apply cool, damp cloths for 10 to 20 minutes as well. If you have some skim milk, you can add that to the cloth and the milk will add a protein barrier to your skin to help protect and it keep it hydrated.

    Having the complexion that allows me to turn into the human torch when I stand in the sun I am wary of Aloe Vera.

    There are Aloe based options that create a skin when it dries which ends up being more painful then the actual sunburn.

    I find a good moisturiser and staying hydrated tends to be the best options, applying every so often and drinking water as much as I can.

      Yes, that's why the article clearly points out to be careful of some creams that contain aloe. Pure aloe should not do what you are suggesting.

      Any burn that doesn't require medical treatment will probably benefit from pure aloe.

      Pure aloe is pretty expensive to buy. Worth it to use as an treatment for burns - and it works well for this - but too expensive to make into ice cubes "just in case" you bet sunburn.
      Unless you have an aloe plant. They are cheap and hardy plants, and a very useful thing to have in the garden or in a pot.

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